Friday, March 16, 2007


Speed River Pedestrian Bridge

This is under the lovely concrete bridge that spans the Speed River. It's covered in graffiti and this actually bothers me a lot.

Do you mind seeing graffiti on public buildings and walls, etc.?
Yes, I do mind.
Doesn't bother me.
Some can be quite beautiful but then I think that this isn't their property to ruin. free polls

Looking Up Under the Bridge Supports


Pat said...

I think that when I was posting this, blogger went offline and somehow the settings got messed up.

I've corrected it now. Didn't even know you could change those! LOL

blueboat said...

I know what you mean about the graffiti, though I must say I like the 'you are my sunshine' comment - at least its something positive!

Felicia said...

Yes, this is not exactly beautiful graffiti, but sometimes I do see and appreciate graffiti that is more a piece of art than scribbles.
I guess I'm having Blogger issues too - thanks for letting me know about my comment button - I turned it off without realizing it!

isabella said...

As far as graffiti goes, this one in not too offensive, but I am opposed to defacing public property!

photowannabe said...

Pat, my settings seem to be messed up too. I jsut keep posting anyway. Sorry, I seem to have missed some of your posts so now I am catching up.
Great composition and angle perspective of this bridge.