Tuesday, March 6, 2007

From very old to very modern

At the corner of Cross St. and Arthur St. S. stands a very old building that, up until a few years ago, housed in recent years, Len's Mill Store. But now, this old building has been renovated and now houses some pretty nice "loft-style" condos.


Lavender Lady said...

It is amazing what they can do with old buildings...and I so prefer that to building new. Glad they did it in your neck of the woods.

The Toronto Team said...

Well, yes and no to older buildings. I live in an older home, and on the surface it has its charm, but the old wiring, plumbing, drafty rooms, etc makes me long for a new efficient building. And it's such a big job to change any little thing because you what you uncover behind the walls makes the job 100 x harder. I'm sure anyone who's renovated can sympathize.

Denton said...

Renovating old spaces has become very trendy and lucrative. Given that we live in a Condo I advocate the lifestyle.

The Toronto Team, my wife agrees with you and insisted that we purchase our condo in a newly constructed building even though I liked the charm available in some of the older buildings. To add charm our condo complex installed hardwood floors using wood from an old mill site. It has the distressed look.