Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wellington County Court House


Wellington County Court House

In 1837 the provincial legislature established the provisional District of Wellington and authorized the erection of a court house and jail at Guelph.

Construction of the two structures, designed by the noted Toronto architect Thomas Young, commenced under the supervision of a committee of local magistrates.

Built by William Allan of Guelph, the limestone court house is one of the few structures in Ontario executed in the castellated style reminiscent of medieval fortifications.

It was erected in 1842-44 and has been expanded many times--each addition complementing the design of the original structure. An important judicial and administrative complex, the court house continues to serve this County and in 1980-81 was enlarged and extensively renovated for use as the Wellington County Administration Centre.


Meg in Nelson said...

Nice pic of your courthouse, Pat.

Thanks for visiting Nelson. I lived in Minnesota for 10+ years, and I met many people who had never seen the sea. Coming from Japan, and now living in NZ, that's kind of hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

It does look very old and then the roof made of glass makes it look very new.

Dave said...

It is so nice to see buildings that aren't the typical nondescript boring building of today. Nice shot!!

edwin s said...

it looks like a cross between a castle and a mountain lodge. brilliant!