Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Waiting for Spring

How I'm starting to crave spring!

We've had more snow this winter than the last two winters put together!!!

So much for Global Warming! I sure find it difficult to believe in global warming this winter. In fact, it's a huge myth!! (According to moi! Pat Scott!)

I walked through the Riverside Park here in Guelph and looked at this picnic table and just imagined that in a few months, some family will be so happy to sit around this table and enjoy their picnic meal together. The sun had almost gone and the shadows were so long.



brian said...

i guess i'm ready for spring, but i'd like one snowstorm like this! just one!

smilnsigh said...

Many people grow tired of winter, in these late months.

And I too feel that Global Warming is mostly cycles of Nature. Yes, I try to _not_ deplete the ozone layer. But no, I don't swallow the whole 'Terror Story' of Global Warming.


marley said...

We haven't had any snow! Love the shadows in your photo.

Denton said...

Your's is a beautiful photo today. Here some of the trees have started to bud. Spring is not far away ... Personally, if Al Gore would enter the presidential race, I would vote for him based on the Global Warming issue. Watching his movie, An Inconvenient Truth, convenced me.

Rambling Round said...

Nice photo...soft and glistening

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Cool shot, nice shadows!

Jackie said...

What perfect snow - not a single footprint to spoil it! Perfect (though I too would be longing for the sun if I had put up with snow for as long as you have this year!).

Jackie (Glasgow DP)