Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Sunset

Incredible Artwork of the Creator

I don't know if you all think about sunsets like I do--I just love them and find that they are so special. Our Creator has created such wonderful works of art with His paintbrush, hasn't He? As I was out last evening and the sun was almost set and there wasn't much light left, I just kep on snapping. All of the photos didn't turn out but I thought I'd share yet one more with you all of the beautiful sky.

As I stood there and stared at the beautiful sky that was changing by the minute and as I heard the honking of the geese, the less noisy quacking of the many mallards, and other wild things out there on the water, my mind kept on helping me to remember about the words of a song I had heard earlier in the day on the radio. It's entitled, "The Paintbrush" and I'm going to share the words with you...

Chuck Milhuff

Life started out like a canvas
And God started painting on me
But I took the paintbrush from Jesus
And painted what I wished to see.

The colors I painted kept running
And the objects were all out of size
I had made a mess of my painting
My way now seemed so unwise.

So I brought my painting to Jesus
All the colors, the pieces so wrong
In the markets of earth it was worthless
But His blood made my painting belong.

He worked with no condemnation
Never mentioned the mess I had made
Then He dipped His brush in the rainbow
And He signed it, the price has been paid.

When I gave the brush back to Jesus,
When I gave the brush back to Him
He started all over life’s canvas to fill
When I gave to Jesus the brush of my will.

He worked with no condemnation
Never mentioned the mess I had made
Then He dipped His brush in the rainbow
And He signed it, the price has been paid.

Yes, it was a lovely sunset last night and even though I was standing in snow that was deeper than my knees and I didn't remember to bring my gloves from the car, I so enjoyed looking at the wonderful artwork created by my Father and I thank Him for bringing to my remembrance this wonderful poem.


Jana said...

Very nice! What a great sunset!

Bergson said...

a photograph sublimates with a poem
the day starts well

Uma por Dia said...

Good morning, I do not mind if continue to put pictures like this :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful sunset. You captured it in the nick of time too.

Isn't it amazing that the birds close their eyes and sleep as does the fox underground in their den and the wolf can't wait to howl his greetings at night. So many things seem to ignore those things we think are beautiful.

I wonder if the lion admires a sunset or a chimp high in a tree bothers to look at the sunrise?

There are so many beautiful sights to behold that a mere sunset doesn't measure up. But we admire them anyway.

What can possibly be more beautiful than the birth of a cicada?

Lady Demeter said...

that's a amazing shot!
I love your photos.

thanks for visiting my blog :)

The T in D & T said...

That's a lovely photo Pat. Great landscape colors and reflections. I always enjoy your photos

Dusty Lens said...

Sunsets are nature's lightshow to end the day. Your's is beautiful!

Jackie said...

That's a beautiful photo - even better than yesterdays, I think! Wonderful colours.

Glasgow Daily Photo

Kitty said...

I know from experience how tough it is to take nature panoramics.

Good job!

Paul said...

Thank You my creator and The Lord God of the heavens for another beautifully painted sunset so artfully captured by Pat. Thank you Pat for sharing it with us and the reminder of how He needs to have the paintbrush of my life in His hand. I’ve learned to love Him through HIS WORD, my Owners Manual, and the beauty of His nature as I see it here on your sight, Pat, is an inspiration to my soul and spirit. May God continue to bless you!

Kim said...

Thank you for standing in knee deep snow to show us this serene and indescribably beautiful scene, Pat. Leaves one speechless, even in digital image. How much more alive with beauty must it have been to your eyes.
Seattle Daily Photo

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Oh that is beautiful Pat.
God sure does a great job with nature doesn't He?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


brian said...

i know exactly what you mean about the colors changing by the minute and trying to capture just the right sense of it. i love sunsets too, and this one turned out wonderful - i love the pond as well. it's a beautiful setting and the sunset i think you captured perfectly!

Jim said...

That does look wonderful. Sunsets are so peaceful.

Annie said...

Well, you did a wonderful job capturing this beauty on your camera and sahring it with us.

pusa said...

yes, sunsets are beautiful and a great work of art =) (am a sunset lover too) =D

great capture

sam said...

oh wow, there are sunsets and sunsets, but this is exceptional. The way the warm colours are balanced by the cold snow, it is a sure winner! If we do the best photo of the year again as the new year monthly theme, this would have to be on your shortlist! I have often thought it would be fun to ask if I could be allowed to paint a sky in heaven one day.... then i think of the spectacular storm systems I would have to cause to get just the right effects with the clouds, how so many lives would be effected by them, and it all seems like too much of a responsibility!

g_mirage said...

I totally agree with your title. I remember one of my first posts in my other blog is about creation.

Please look if you have time...On creation.

Happy hunting!

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

You're in right it's an icredible artwork of the Creator and you so able to capture it at the best

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful photo! Combining both the sun set and a reflection. Lovely.


J.C. said...

Very beautiful landscape photo, Pat!