Friday, February 1, 2008

Scottsdale Drive

A photo from Igor Popovic:

From Igor:

"This shot is bit experimental. It is a longer exposure of around 30 seconds, just enough for a motorist to travel the entire curvy section of Scottsdale Drive behind the Stone Road Mall. The camera is looking down from the top of the covered parkade. This image and the one of the sunset were both taken during the summer of 2007."

Thanks so much Igor for sending your two great photos of our wonderful city.

I've been away in Virginia until late last night and they've helped to keep showing here in the Guelph Blog.


julia said...

Pat, I understand your distress. I could not catch up with the issues before this. Thanks for calling in.

Jim said...

I love the picture.

Dusty Lens said...

Excellent photo. I keep wanting to try this long exposure photography out. But I'll wait until the warmth of spring. Any idea about the aperture?

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Wow! Excellent shot!

sam said...

Nice shot. By the way how do you pronounce Guelph?

dailyphotographer said...

like this picture. the white line really stands out.

Greg said...

Cool Photo. Makes me want to go out and give some time exposure shots a go myself.


Igor said...

Im glad you people like the image!

It's easy to do this sorta photography as long as you have a manual camera, or one with the ability to choose more advanced settings. I kept my aperture around f/11 I think, as this is the sharpest for my Sigma lens I was using.
The other important thing is a good solid tripod or surface for your camera to sit on so your image turns out tack sharp! ...also use a delayed or timed trigger if your camera has one, I believe its quite common since its used for portraits where the photographer wants to run into the frame before the shot is taken!

Hope that helped! :)