Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life is so busy...

...trying to prepare for my new life as a married lady once more.

I was married to my husband for 40 years when he was promoted to Glory to worship the Lord forever and ever and now I've been a widow for seven years.

Now, a wonderful man who is also a widower has asked me to be his wife and to share his life with him until the Lord Jesus calls us Home to be with Him. I'm so happy.

But life is so busy.

I'm sorry for the lapse in time of photos in my blog.

I am going to Virginia and then off to Florida on Wednesday in order to meet his son (who is attending our wedding up here in Guelph) down there and then home in about a week. I'll try to get some photos on the trip!


Jackie said...

Oh Pat, congratulations - I hope and pray you'll both be very happy together :)

Jackie (Glasgow DP)

Rambling Round said...

Such pretty, dainty blooms.
Your life has definitely had some big changes! Have a wonderful trip.

slim said...

I am so happy for you, Pat. Your pictures of nature's beauty say so much. I wish you much joy together.