Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Place to Eat in Georgia

Snellville Diner

What a wonderful drive it is from Pensacola, Florida through Alabama to Georgia! I forgot my purse at one place we were visiting and the return journey to retrieve that purse and then back to where we were, sure put our journey back and also losing an hour due to leaving one time zone and going back to Eastern time.

Our wonderful hosts in Georgia had planned to take us out for supper and then with us being later, these plans changed and we went to the Snellville Diner instead of their other choice!

What a place to eat! it was wonderful!

This is the group! Pat, me (another Pat), Larry and Paul! The owner of this establishment agreed to take our photo and here we all are waiting for the food to arrive!


What a lovely gal this was! She certainly was a delight! Nothing was too difficult for her to do for us!

Larry seems to be wondering how he would ever finish that meal! Such a huge serving!

Pat and I had the right idea. We shared out meal of shrimp and chicken and wonderful rice! And after we ate what we could, there was enough to take home!


Snellville Diner
2302 Main Street East
Snellville, GA

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Paul and I would certainly highly recomment this eating establishment if you are in the area of Snellville, Georgia


marley said...

Looks like a great place to eat. The portions are huge! Glad you enjoyed your trip. It can't be long now until your Big Day?!

Rambling Round said...

That's one thing about the South. The restaurants typically give you a big serving! Looks like you had a wonderful time here.

Front and Center Theatre said...
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Front and Center Theatre said...

How funny!
I was googleing Snellville Diner and I got this blog. I am the Snellville Diner Web Master!

Here is there website I made (it's still in progress)