Monday, December 31, 2007

Gingerbread House in Guelph

On the way to church each Sunday evening, we pass this "Gingerbread-looking" House! It's on Paisley Street, west of Edinburgh.

Don't you like it? I sure do.

Large House on Waterloo Avenue

This house is now a Real Estate office on Waterloo Avenue but really looked after and kept in its original "look". I showed you a photo of it in the summer and now you can see it at night time with the snow all around it. Here's the photo of it in the summer here.


Rambling Round said...

Both have pretty decorations that show up so well at night.

Anonymous said...

Your decorations are pretty much like those done around here and yesterday was a nice day so most of what was up has now been taken down.

I do like your photography selection today.

I hope and pray you have excellent health and are very happy all the days of your life but especially in this new year 2008.

Happy New Year from Patty and me.

Thanks for your visits to my blog in 2007.

marley said...

Happy New Year! Check out my gingerbread man!

isabella said...

The both look "edible" ;-)

Happy New Year, Pat! Lots of good health and happiness!