Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Railway Station

Guelph Railway Station

This is our Railway Station for Guelph. We are on a main railway line where Amtrak trains travel through on their way to Detroit, Michigan and further cities such as Chicago, Illinois, etc. There are GO Trains (Government of Ontario) leaving and arriving in Guelph from Toronto each day for commuters to their jobs in Ontario's capital city and many areas in between. The city’s Canadian National Railway (CNR) station is located beside City Hall.

The other railway station (Canadian Pacific Railway) was called the "Priory" and used to be the home of John Galt in the 1800's.

From the Guelph Archives:
The Priory was the first permanent structure built in Guelph (1827) and was named after Charles Prior, one of the men that accompanied Galt at the City's founding. Initially envisioned as the headquarters of John Galt's Canada Company, the Priory served a number of functions. It was the residence of John Galt, was used as the first post office for the city, and also housed a tavern. In 1887, the Priory began to be used as a railway station, in which capacity it served until 1911. The picture shows the Priory during its tenure as Guelph's railway station. This picture probably dates from around the turn of the 20th century.



Chris & Deb said...

Looks like another beautiful old building that has been well-cared-for through the years.

Anonymous said...

I could never guess, that this is a railway station. So exotic in my eyes :)A beautiful building and interesting history.

Anonymous said...

A nice sturdy structure worthy of railroads. Nice picture.

Susan said...

Thanks Pat, for your comment on my site.
Its always a pleasure to meet other Canadians!
I love this old building. With the exception of the tower, this building looks identical to an old train station in New Westminister BC. It has been converted into a Keg Steakhouse. Nice ambiance in there.

Dsole said...

I would have said it's a church!