Friday, February 23, 2007

Blowing the Snow!

A Kind Neighbour

When it snows heavily, we have to dig but when a neighbour has a snowblower and is kind enough to do the job for you, that's wonderful.

This is the kind neighbour who keeps my driveway cleared after a heavy snowfall here in Guelph!


Chris & Deb said...

He's a snow-clearing saint!
That will be us this weekend-looks like 12-18" is headed our way.
How long would it take your guy to get here....?

Pat said...

I'll ask him! LOL

Jeanette said...

Hi Pat
Great photo's how lucky you are to have help near by. Love the pic with the snow piled on your bench chair. Hope you recieved email you ask for regarding the photo's. Take care will return

Chuckeroon said...

Don't need it's just WET!!

Ruth said...

You caught a lot of detail in your kind neighbor and the snow blower for a "night" shot.

Thanks for your visit to Flying!
(This is where you visited. I have a google account too, which is what I'm signing in under to leave this comment.)

blueboat said...

what a lovely neighbour

photowannabe said...

He is "clearly" a good neighbor. How kind to help you out.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

That's very nice of him to do that. Over here, the kids charge $10/hour to shovel snow from the driveway. Can't blame them! They are just entrepreneural.