Sunday, February 18, 2007

Church of Our Lady Immaculate

Church of Our Lady Immaculate

It's difficult to get a good photo from this viewpoint as the traffic on the busy streets must stop while you run out into the middle of the intersection. :)

From the earliest days of the settlement of Guelph, Catholics have played a role in the life of the community. Bishop Macdonell, the Bishop of Kingston, who was responsible for the Catholic Church in Ontario, was a friend of John Galt, the founder of Guelph. He had supported Galt's work with the Canada Company, which was charged with developing much of the land in southern Ontario. When Galt established the new settlement on April 23, 1827, he gave to the Catholic Church the hill in the center of the town. In is Autobiography he writes: "a beautiful central hill was reserved for the Catholics, in compliment to my friend, Bishop Macdonell, for his advice in the formation of the Company." A road was cleared leading up to the hill: Macdonell Street. In the autumn of 1827 Bishop Macdonell was one of the first visitors to the new settlement.

A National Historic Site.
Enjoy this opportunity to tour one of Canada's magnificent Gothic style churches. Admission - free with donation.
28 Norfolk Street
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 4H8

Tel: 519-824-3951



angela said...

It's amazing how far we go to take a good photo, isn't it?
This resembles the Cathedrals that were built round the 12th century. Magnificent.

Jean said...

I just love churches; this is a fine example. My favourite in your blog is "hats on the bird houses". It made me smile!

Dsole said...

Wow! what an amazing building! I can't imagine how many men worked in its construction

Curly said...

Hi Pat,

what a good job you have achieved, I guess the traffic must have been light!

santy said...

my first visit here. welcome to the DP family!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Welcome to the DP Family.

I look forward to learning more about Guelph.

Mimmu said...

You managed very well to catch the whole big building in a same picture.
A historical knowledge make a building alive, it`s always interesting.

Oya said...

Very beatiful church. I would think , I am in Italy. Did not know, that you have such a gorgeus places there. You did a good job, by taking this photo. It looks like a postcard.:)

Chuckeroon said...

Oh, that traffic!!!!!!!!!!!1 Just try it here in Richmond. aarrghh

Will said...

Thank you for publishing such a beautiful picture at the Church my wife and I got married in more than 25 years ago. I will use it with my Easter greetings this year. Happy Easter and God bless.

Pat said...

Thanks Will, for you kind comment!

Hope you come back again soon.