Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lots of Signs For Sale

Want to buy a sign?

This is about a tenth of the supply that this vendor had in his stall.

Fiddleheads (from yesterday):

Fiddleheads are the baby ferns coming out of the ground and in Canada are very common along the St. John River in New Brunswick. This is where I first tasted them and grew to love them.

They have a similar taste to maybe broccoli? Or similar veggie that you might steam? I steam them for about 10 minutes in my double steamer pot and then (ohhh, the calories) I smother them with real butter and a pinch of salt and sit back and enjoy!

I'm so happy that this Mennonite farmer has found them on his farm and so now I'll have a constant spring supply.

Facts on Fiddleheads


isabella said...

Thanks, Pat!
Turns out my Michigan property is filled with ostrich ferns so I can eat enough Fiddleheads to turn green ;-)

lynn said...

oooh what IS that?

I have posted a photo of the missing UK girl Madeleine in the hope that the more people see her, the more chance she may be found. Please take a sec to pop over to Cheltenham, to put her face in your head. Thanks to you and your readers.

photowannabe said...

Sounds yummy though I have never had any.