Friday, February 13, 2009


My Wonderful Border Collie

Geordie has been my constant companion for almost 13 years. He usually goes with me everywhere and he knows just about everything I'm talking about.

Last week, I almost lost my buddy. He had a little "thing" on his lower eyelid that was scratching his eyeball every time he blinked causing his eye to bleed and so I decided to have it removed in order to take away this irritation. Due to his age, the vet tried to do it with a "local" anesthetic but Geordie sure didn't like to see those scissors so it was decided to use a very mild "general".

Geordie just had a very bad reaction to that and on Tuesday, I nearly lost him. The vet worked so very hard (over 3 1/2 hours) trying to revive him and so far his time spent with "Geordie, my lad" (as he called him) has been working albeit very, very slowly. Last night, I slept in my bed with him beside me in his bed on the floor. Up until last night, I've been just lying beside him on the floor and we've spent a lot of time staring into each other's eyes!

Here's Geordie the day before his surgery. As some of you know, he went downhill very quickly followiing the anesthetic and I nearly lost him. He so loves the snow and he was just sitting at the door staring and wishing I'd go out and play with him.

Geordie Today
Geordie loves his bed. Today he seems to be much more comfortable and I'm so happy. I'm still force feeding him though as he really has no interest in eating yet.

He's not out of the woods yet. Last year at this time, he was about 45 lb. On Boxing Day, he was 35 lb. and on Tues. he was 33 lb. So, he's been losing weight gradually and the vet suspects something "nasty" but we're going to try hard to get some weight back on him as he loves to run and explore and I just know that we're going to have many more fantastic days together.



Janet said...

What a beautiful dog, Pat! I so hope he recovers well, and I know he's getting the best of care.

Unknown said...

Geordie will remain in my prayers. He looks like such a gentle soul.
May he continue to improve to his old self.

Marilyn said...

I have always loved looking at Geordie's photos he is such a beautiful animal

marley said...

I hope Geordie is 100% fit soon :)

Jane Hards Photography said...

He's a real beauty and I send him all good thoughts.

Annika said...

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