Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Poppy


Photo by Janice Hagan...

Janice said:

"Yesterday, as I was walking around my garden, I found this Poppy. It's the first of November and I didn't realize that poppies really do flower this late in the year.

It made me think of Remembrance Day and I thought about the Canadian soldiers who have died for our country and made sacrifices for other countries. It felt ironic because Jonathan, my youngest son, was out selling Poppies in his cadet uniform today.

I found this newspaper article written in 2002 saluting Canada and our war heros. It really is worth a read...."


Anonymous said...

People selling poppies made out of colored paper used to be common here but stores stopped them from standing in front of their doors so you don't see them much any more.

~tanty~ said...

I just knew that this flower's name is Poppy. I should learn more about flowers :)
Have a nice week ahead.