Monday, January 14, 2008

Dairy Building

Through these doors...

have passed many hundreds of students over the years as they have studied at the Ontario Agriculture College which is now called, University of Guelph!

University of Guelph
Dairy Building

Across the road from the War Memorial Hall is the building known as the Dairy Building. It is included in a Walking Tour of the University grounds and from this website you can read:

"In 1922 the Dairy Science building opened for teaching and research in dairy manufacturing, including condensed, powdered milk and ice cream (produced since 1908). On the main floor wall of the Dairy Science building (known as Food Science) are three large historical outlines describing how it began as the Ontario Experimental Farm Creamery in 1884".

Historical Highlights of the OAC (Ontario Agriculture College)

May 1, 1874 OAC opens with 28 students admitted.
1887 The degree program is launched.
1891 Initiation of short courses for the generalpublic.
1920 High school matriculation required foradmission qualification to the degree program.
1926 Graduate programs initiated.
1964 OAC is a founding college of the newly createdUniversity of Guelph.
2006 More than 3200 students are enrolled inundergraduate, graduate, and diploma courses atOAC’s four campuses.

There's a wonderful history written by Prof. H. Douglas Goff and David W. Stanley that you can read on the history website of the U of G. I really enjoyed reading it and the following is from that article.

100+ Years of Dairy Foods Research,
Teachingand Extension at the University of Guelph
The Ontario Agricultural College and the Universityof GuelphAgricultural education at Guelph began when the Ontario government purchased a 500-acre farm for its new Ontario Agricultural College,which opened in 1874. In 1903, OAC was joined on campus by the Macdonald Institute, which provided instruction in domestic sciences.

The Ontario Veterinary College became the third college to join the campus in 1922. In 1964, these three colleges were joined as a single institution, the University of Guelph. Within 10 years, they wereenhanced by the additions of the College of Arts, the College of Physical Sciences, the College of Biological Science and the College of Social Sciences.

Today, the 1000-acre campus is home for 16,000 undergraduate and 2000 graduate students (including 700+international students from more than 100 countries), 800 faculty and 2500 staff.


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