Friday, April 27, 2007

West Montrose Bridge

The Kissing Bridge

This structure, the only remaining covered bridge in Ontario, was designed by John Bear in 1880, on the authority of Woolwich Township Council, to replace an earlier bridge over the Grand River. Built a year later by John and his brother, Benjamin, the 198-foot bridge was covered to protect the wooden flooring and frame against the elements.

Known locally as the Kissing Bridge, it later came under the jurisdiction of Waterloo County. In 1937 the province assumed responsibility for the Guelph-Elmira Road, including the West Montrose Bridge and its floor and sub-structure were
subsequently rebuilt and reinforced.


RamblingRound said...

Quite an attractive sight! I enjoyed reading about its history too.

Chad Oneil said...

The first and last images are my favorites, very nice.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I think I have nearly three hundred photos of Ohio covered bridges. Some are close to where I live. I like your photography very much and your comments too.

I posted information about codes that might interest you.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

blueboat said...

This is lovely - for such an old bridge it is beautifully maintained. Did you ever kiss in this bridge?!

Ioanna said...

Very beautiful, I like this covered bridge very much.

Anna said...

I love this bridge shot. How picturesque!