Friday, November 7, 2008

Remembering the Battle of the Somme

I had an appointment to have my hair done this morning and while I drove, I was listening to the car radio. It was just so emotional to hear them discussing how in
one day what the British went through. 60,000 dead in such a short time span at the Battle of the Somme... ONE DAY!!!

I just searched and found this:

"On that day the British suffered almost 60,000 casualties making it the bloodiest day in British military history."

I couldn't see to drive. I had to pull over and park the car until my composure came back...

We must NEVER forget. We must ALWAYS remember.

I had parked behind the Firehall on Speedvale Road beside Riverside Park. This sign is out the front of the Firehall. So I thought I'd share it.


hadv said...

I looked at some of your photos, and I think you have a very nice city.. and life. Thanks for visiting my site :-)

babooshka said...

Very timely. Excellent post.