Friday, March 14, 2008

Lady on the Wall

Today's photo was not taken by me. This was taken by SOFIA who lives here in Guelph! Thank you so much Sofia!


One of our readers, Sofia, lives very near the University of Guelph and enjoys walking through the grounds and on one of these walks, she found this lovely picture of a laddy on the wall of this building surrounded by the lush green ivy.

Sofia says, "I took this picture last year while strolling on the campus grounds. I just love this gorgeous print on a wall surrounded by the turning leaves..such a surprise.... Hope you like it too."

What a wonderful find, Sofie!


Jilly said...

Do please tell Sophia she took a beautiful photograph. Just love it!

Jana said...

Nice photo Sophia!

Uma por Dia said...

Very beautiful sophie :)

BoomerKid said...

Thank you jilly..jana & uma por dia..

I'm glad that you like it too...I past the building yesterday & she is still there, looking a bit bare & cold without the ivy!..but she is still lovely!!

sam said...

what a delightful surprise it must have been to happen upon this while walking along! Great shot

Corey Templeton said...

Very nice indeed, I love ivy on brick.